Delaware Democrats

 Our party is organized at the state, county and local levels to insure the widest participation of Delaware Democrats in the political process. The Delaware Democratic Party is based on four political subdivisions: (i) the city of Wilmington, (ii) the remainder of New Castle County, (iii) Kent County, and (iv) Sussex County. Within each subdivision, the basic unit of organization is the Representative District Committee. For more information please visit

RD 20 is one of nine Representative Districts of the Sussex County Subdivision of the State of Delaware Democratic Party. The Sussex County Democratic Party is all the duly registered Democrats residing in Sussex County. The Sussex County Democratic Committee is all duly elected Sussex County Democratic Committee people. The Sussex County Democratic Party headquarters is located at: 21141 Sterling Square, Suite 5, Georgetown De 19947.

Sussex County Democratic Executive Committee Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month starting at 6:30PM. Also, monthly Coffee Meeting are held on the 1st Saturday of each month starting at 9AM at the Sussex Democratic Party Headquarters in Georgetown. For more information please visit

State elected executive branch positions serve four-year terms.

Delaware General Assembly and Elections

Residents of Delaware are represented in the state legislature by one Representative and one Senator.

  • Delaware House of Representatives – There are 41 state Representatives and associated Representative Districts (RD). State Representatives are elected to two-year terms. Each RD is subdivided in to multiple Election Districts (ED). The state provides at least one polling place for each ED where registered voters are assigned to cast their ballot in state-wide elections. Voting can also be done by absentee ballot.

  • Delaware Senate – There are 21 state Senators and associated Senatorial Districts (SD). Senators are elected to four-year terms. RD20 also falls within Delaware's 6th State Senatorial District