Our party is organized at the state, county and local levels to insure the widest participation of Delaware Democrats in the political process. The Delaware Democratic Party is based on four political subdivisions:

  • Sussex County

  • Kent County

  • The City of Wilmington

  • The remainder of New Castle County                                                        


Within each subdivision, the basic unit of organization is the Representative District Committee (RD). RD20 is one of nine RDs in the Sussex County subdivision of the Delaware State Democratic Party.


The Sussex County Democratic Party is made up of duly registered Democrats who reside in Sussex County. The Sussex County Democratic Committee is made up of duly elected Sussex County Democratic Committee People who are represented by the Sussex County Democratic Executive Committee.


Sussex County Democratic Party Executive Committee (elected March, 2021):

Jane Hovington (RD37)                            Chair

Mike Payan (RD41)                                   Vice Chair, Male

Marlene Sanders (RD35)                           Vice Chair, Female

Bill Weller (RD20)                                      Recording Secretary

Delores Clark (RD41)                                Corresponding Secretary

Cathy Cohee (RD36)                                  Treasurer                                                     

Darrynn Harris                                           Member-at-Large

The 2021 Delaware State Democratic convention, held in June 2021, elected new State Party leadership and approved changes to the State Party Rules and the State Party Platform.


Delaware State Democratic Party Officers (elected June, 2021):

Betsy Maron                                             Chair

Coby Owens                                             Vice Chair, Male

Debbie Harrington                                    Vice Chair, Female

Linda Cavanaugh                                      Secretary

Helene Keeley                                          Treasurer