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RD20 advocates for implementation of local and regional zoning codes that developers of subdivisions with greater than fifty units include affordable housing in their plans for at least 10% of the subdivision housing stock.


Rationale: Affordable housing in Sussex County must be available throughout the county and not in isolated pockets only; more affordability in this county will depend on both housing stock and buyer/renter capability.


RD20 supports the concept of an adequate wage as the standard for setting base line wages in Delaware and support increasing the supply of affordable housing in Sussex County.



In order that economic fairness concerns be voiced in an articulate way at a local level, in preparation for the 2020 election cycle, RD20 resolves to publish its own recommendations for an economic development plan that works for all, drawing on the state democratic party’s platform and the campaign positions of Delaware Democrats and others, to support working class families who live or work in the bounds of RD20.

RD20 advocates for economic fairness planning and action by the State of Delaware, Sussex County, municipalities and other RD20 communities and organizations.


RD20 will ask Democratic candidates running for office to include in their platform: advocacy for greater funding of local school boards (in our case Cape Henlopen and Indian River Districts) to meet issues of child poverty and limitations on educational success; funding to adjust administrative and teaching staff salaries to area costs of living; and programs which connect local schools to their communities and neighborhoods.


RD20 notes the educational challenges resulting from the poverty of children in Sussex County, and believes these must be addressed by a comprehensive platform for job creation, affordable housing, education for empowerment, and inclusion of educational personnel that more adequately reflect the diversity of the community.


RD20 Democrats strongly believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege for only those that can afford it. Quality healthcare that is fair involves prevention, treatment, and community as well as individual services.


RD20 will encourage candidates it supports for election:

  • To promote access to affordable healthcare coverage as a human right, beneficial to the whole community

  • To support Delaware’s expansion of Medicaid through the ACA

  • To commit to raising the health ranking of Delaware’s healthcare service by improving the quality of care/healthcare outcomes of its residents and in turn increasing businesses willingness to locating to the state.


RD20 will:

  • Work to attract medical personnel and services to this underserved area of higher than average aging population by continuing to promote education, housing and transportation policies that make this an attractive place to locate.

  • Will promote and support community initiatives for aging in place, by proposing a state tax deduction for membership in organizations that provide community-based support for aging in place.

  • Will support efforts to increase women’s access to healthcare services including reproductive, domestic violence and sexual assault services.


RD20 recognizes that traffic congestion is especially acute during the summer when roadways are jammed with beach and tourist vehicles, costing businesses and drivers living in the Lewes, Milton, Harbeson and Rehoboth areas time and money as well as representing significant safety issues.


RD20 recognizes that the Sussex County Council has made land use decisions, approving community developments along country roads, while indicating it is not responsible for infrastructure improvements. This has significantly exacerbated the problem with our roadways being overcrowded with heavy traffic. 


RD20 urges State, County and local long-range planning for a transportation network that will contribute to employment sustainability, economic growth and quality of life in Delaware.


Specifically, in  RD20 and adjacent areas, we encourage legislators to consider the following:


  • The improvement of east-west roads and greater public transportation options (SR24, US9-SR404, SR16) linking coastal and inland communities, and towns to towns.

  • Transportation projects that enhance the quality of life for residents of RD20.

  • Completion of the Visitor Center on Rt. 1 as a hub for public transportation.

  • Transportation policies by both County and local jurisdictions that address the needs of workers and residents in  RD20 and surrounding areas.

  • Coordination of DELDOT, County and local transportation resources and projects for the benefit of residents, workers.

  • The support of creative efforts by employers to coordinate transportation for employees.

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