What We Do


Our primary responsibility is to recruit and elect Democratic candidates. We are also responsible for promoting the growth of the Democratic Party in RD20 and dedicated to fighting for Democratic values.

RD20 advocates for the common good. We encourage diversity and inclusion throughout our organization.

Our Work

  • Inform other Democrats about our candidates

  • Coordinate GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities with candidates' campaigns

  • Recruit volunteers and provide financial support to candidates running in RD20

  • Serve in various roles at polling places on election day

Our Meetings
We feature guest speakers discussing local and state issues that are of interest to RD20 residents. Any registered Democrat in Delaware is welcome to attend RD20 Committee meetings.

2022 monthly meetings begin at 6:30 PM, and are held on the third Thursday of the month. There are no meetings in August and December. RD20 monthly meetings will be held via Zoom technology until further notice.
                                            2022 Meeting Dates
                                               April 21
                                               May 19
                                               June 16
                                               July 21
                                               August-No Meeting
                                               September 15
                                               October 20
                                               November 15
                                               December-No Meeting

                                               Primary Election Day-September 13
                                               General Election Day-November 8


Send an email to rd20.deldems@gmail.com to be placed on our list for meeting notifications.